Netflix Inspired Comedy

Get Your Comedy Tickets

Stand up comedy is more popular today than it has been in years, and part of the reason why this has happened is because of the comedy specials that Netflix and other streaming services have helped to make happen. Besides a lot of the already discovered stars of comedy, like Jim Gaffigan, Dave Chappelle, and Sarah Silverman, there have also been several comedians who have popped into the limelight thanks to this.

Perhaps the recent resurgence in new stand up material has piqued your interest and you’re ready to go catch one of your favorite comedians live. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a small peek at some of the hottest shows going on in the world of comedy, and what you need to do to get yourself some tickets to see them.

One of the exciting things about Netflix producing its own comedy specials is that the biggest names in comedy are out on tour again, either to help support a special or to create enough hype to be asked to make a special. People like Jerry Seinfeld have re-emerged onto the stand up scene and are once again producing high quality–and very funny–material.

Other names, like Aziz Ansari (of Parks & Recreation fame), Ali Wong, and John Mulaney already had a following, but Netflix gave them the foothold that they needed to launch their career to the next level. If you’ve enjoyed them in some of their other roles, then this is a great way to get to know them and their work a little better. Seeing someone as a guest star on a show or seeing someone’s name in the credits as a writer is fun and all, but a live show where it’s just the comedian and a camera in front of a room full of fans is something completely different.

This resurgence has almost made it so you don’t even need to leave the house to catch a good comedy act. But where’s the fun in that? If you have a chance to catch a show, it’s definitely worth your time.

Big Names Sell Out

The biggest drawback to the rise in popularity of certain comedians is that when they perform, they sell out the venues that they perform in. Typically, this is a good thing. It means that the comic is successful and that their career is likely to continue well into the future. But if you’re late to the game when it comes to buying tickets, it can be frustrating when there are no good seats left.

If you’ve already checked with the original ticket seller (usually the venue), then your next best bet is to go to a reputable third party ticket site. When buying tickets, you want to make sure that you are getting good seats, and that you’re also getting a good deal on those seats, too. The best sites will allow you to compare prices so that you don’t pay any more than what you want to pay for your tickets.

Now, the big name performers will likely see a lot of demand for tickets, and this will ultimately raise prices. However, when you’re able to compare and ticket sellers are competing against each other to keep their prices low, the buyer has the advantage. You might pay more than what the original tickets sold for, but not always. If you time your purchase right, sometimes you can actually find yourself saving money. It depends on where you are and who you’re going to see perform. Sometimes, as it gets closer and closer to the day of the show, sellers will start to worry that they will not get any money for their tickets and drop their prices. This can be a dangerous buying strategy, but it might work out to your favor and help you to save a bit of cash AND get you the best seats possible to see your favorite stand up comedian live.