Getting Access to MLB Spring Training

Get Your Tickets to Spring Training

Major League Baseball is one of the standards of summer, but true baseball fans know that the excitement starts building well before opening day. Between the trades and free agency speculation that the offseason brings with it, to the gradual introduction to play with winter ball, the offseason is a time of waiting and tense excitement for baseball fans.

Perhaps the most exciting part of all of this is when spring training games begin. These are generally low key and they don’t feature a lot of playing time from established stars, but they are still pretty exciting. And if you’re a baseball fanatic, these games can be a good way to see the pros play in a different setting.

Getting tickets to a spring training is a lot easier than you might have imagined. The process is pretty easy, and there’s a lot less demand than during the regular season.

Things to Know

Each MLB team is a little different when it comes to ticket availability. While MLB in general has made tickets available for regular season games in a standardized way, this will likely never happen with preseason games. Each team creates their own schedule and makes tickets available as they see fit.

Tickets are usually a lot cheaper because preseason baseball isn’t as popular as regular season games, but this means that games will not have the same amenities that you might be used to from a Major League stadium. You’re not likely to find the same availability of food and drink at a preseason game and the stadiums that are played in are not nearly as big or as fancy as a typical stadium. These are more like college or Single A baseball stadiums than they are like MLB stadiums. Still, people don’t go to spring training games for the amenities, but rather to get an early taste of pro ball.

Where to Sit

Tickets are originally available from the teams themselves. If the games sellout, or you are looking to score certain seats, checking online can help you to find what you’re looking for. The beauty of spring training is that there are almost always tickets available, and you never need to spend more than what you want to to catch a game. Also, because tickets are pretty cheap, you can often get amazing seats that you wouldn’t ever dream of purchasing for a regular season game. This could mean sitting right behind the dugout, or in the front and center, right behind home plate. Great tickets can help you to experience a game in a way that you’ve never done before. If you’re less picky, you can sit wherever you want, usually for just a few bucks per for ticket.

As a word of warning, some of the more popular teams, like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers, will sellout spring training tickets, especially if they are playing another popular team or a major rival. In these cases, ticket prices can go up and availability can go down. Still, getting in to see one of these games can be an awesome experience, especially if you get great seats. And they will still be a lot cheaper than a regular season game.

Spring training isn’t about the experience of a big league stadium.It’s about seeing the sport that you love and the athletes you admire in a new setting as they get ready for Opening Day. It will not be the same high intensity baseball that we remember from the October before, but that doesn’t make it any less important.