Finding a Summer Concert Festival

Let the good times Roll

The summer might seem like it’s still a long way away, but it’s already summer concert ticket season. Finding tickets to a concert festival might not seem like a big deal, but there’s a subtle art to getting festival tickets at a worthwhile price.

Because concert festival ticket prices are usually locked by the issuing venue, if you don’t get tickets right away, you’re likely to pay more thanks to the fees that third-party ticket sites charge. That, unfortunately, is the price of convenience. However, that won’t always be the case. In fact, you will sometimes find that prices will drop as it gets closer and closer to the day of the show, especially if the person selling the tickets just wants to recoup a portion of their expenses. In other instances, you will find that the ticket pass will drop dramatically in value after the first day or two of the festival. If you have a ticket you can’t use, getting something instead of anything is always better. Pay attention to prices and trends, and you might find that you can score awesome tickets for a fraction of their original price.

Here are a few other key things to keep in mind when locating a summer festival:

  • Location. You want to make sure that the show will be held closeby. It would be awesome to go see all of your favorite bands play together in one place, but for many, driving six hours to go catch the show isn’t realistic.
  • Food and Drink Policy. Some events allow you to bring food and drink in with you, but fewer and fewer venues allow this these days. You want to take care of yourself while at a festival, and if you know what the food and drink policy is ahead of time, you can make sure that you’re not breaking any rules and plan ahead if you must be refreshments at the show.
  • Sleeping Arrangements. Some shows allow camping, others do not. If you need to plan for a hotel room, it’s better to know well in advance so you can book a room before they disappear. Don’t forget that in these instances, hotel rooms will also be at a premium. The sooner you make your reservations, the sooner you can stop worrying and make sure that you lock in a decent price

Top Summer Festivals

Some of the best summer concerts have just placed tickets up for purchase, or are about to. A few of the big name festivals that you might be interested in include Bonnaroo in Tennessee, the Governor’s Ball in New York City, Rolling Loud in Florida, and Boston Calling in Massachusetts. There are smaller festivals scattered all over the U.S. and Europe, so if you’re not interested in a huge multi-day set of shows, those might be of more interest to you. The bottom line is that there’s something for every taste out there, so you’ll never be lacking for options.

And let’s not forget about Coachella. Even though it’s not technically a summer festival (it takes place in mid-late April), Coachella is probably the most popular of the music festivals. Held in Indio, California, Coachella is the home of some of the biggest names in music across all genres. You can get a three-day pass or an exclusive VIP pass. These tickets almost always sell out, so you’ll need to move fast when you do find them listed. If you do score tickets, you will not regret it. This is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have.