Classic Rock Lives On

Is it Time to go to a Show

The classic rock scene is alive and well when it comes to live shows. That might seem hard to believe since a lot of the big names in classic rock have been active for 40 or more years, but that’s part of what makes these shows so popular. Over time, these groups have amassed millions of fans and followers, and the excitement of some of these new tours from familiar names has been intense.

For example, some of the biggest names in music have recently announced new tours. Aerosmith has a new Las Vegas residency that they’ve set up. This has just been announced recently, but it’s already generating a lot of buzz. The Rolling Stones also have a new set of tour dates lined up. Even though they’ve been touring almost nonstop since the 1960s, the Stones are still one of the hottest draws out there. If you’ve never seen them perform live, now is your chance to do so. You can almost be guaranteed that tickets to most of their shows will sell out.

One of the biggest names to tour this year is Ozzy Osbourne. This is his No More Tours 2 outing and will likely be his last set of tours. The former frontman of Black Sabbath has been in the limelight a lot in the past few years, and he’s just as popular now as he was 30 years ago. This will be an exciting spectacle of a show, and we expect no less from Osbourne. Fans of metal, both young and old, will want to see him on his farewell tour.

And let’s not forget about Sir Paul McCartney. Former Beatles member, McCartney recently released a new album and is on a huge stadium tour in support of it. This will be an amazing event if you have never seen him live before. And even if you have seen him (or even the Beatles!), this will still be a tour for the ages. McCartney is a living legend, and this is a golden opportunity.

Speaking of the Beatles, former drummer Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band are also out on tour. It’s the 30th-anniversary tour for Starr’s band, and it will also be one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to see a living legend. Starr hasn’t gone on to see the same level of success that McCartney has in the years since the Beatles, but that doesn’t mean that this will not be any less of an event. Fans of his music will definitely want to get in on this tour. Unfortunately for us fans based in the U.S., most of the attention will be focused on Europe here.

Other big names in classic rock that have tours or concert dates lined up for the near future include Judas Priest, Bob Seger, and Elton John, who is getting ready for his Farewell tour before he retires.

Another thing to remember is that bands that many of us wouldn’t necessarily consider being “classic rock” are receiving a lot of airtime on mainstream classic rock radio. Bands like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Aerosmith might not be the first things that you think about when thinking about classic rock, but a lot of the great bands from the late 80s and early 90s are now counted amongst the greats of classic rock. If these types of bands are more your style, there’s a lot of opportunities to see the groups that you love–but you might need to look under classic rock listings, depending on where you’re searching for tickets.

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