Baseball Season is Here

Plenty of baseball games this year

Baseball season is right around the corner. We have plenty of players from last year on different teams. The one player we would like to talk about today is Anthony Rendon. Coming off a huge year in Washington he is now off to a great start for the Los Angeles Angels this spring training.

In his first spring training game, he went two for two. He also drove in a run and scored one. The Los Angeles Angels ended up beating the Cincinnati Reds 7-3.

Anthony Rendon who was considered one of the best third baseman’s in the game decided to come back with a different team this year. He and his wife just had a child and is now ready to play for Los Angeles and hopefully take in the biggest prize once again. He signed a $245 million seven-year contract as a free agent in December. Now it’s his turn to step up with fellow player Mike Trout to take Los Angeles to the World Series.

Some tough news out of Yankee Stadium. Luis Severino will be out for at least a year with the need for Tommy John surgery. The 26-year-old right-hander partially tore his ligament and is now in need of surgery. This is an unfortunate event for the Yankees who were looking to make their run for the World Series this year. The only good news coming out of Yankee Park is that the rotation signed a Gerrit Cole from the Houston Astros. This gives them a little bit of wiggle room to find a good rotational picture for the future.

The starting first baseman, Freddie Freeman was out of the Braves lineup the other day with a sore right elbow. This discomfort could leave him out for a couple of weeks so he can heal. Coming off a surgery he had in 2019 and at this point, you would hope he would rest the elbow so he’s ready to go the season.

There are several free agents out there that teams may want to consider as the spring training gets going. Yasiel Puig, the right fielder is subject to be one of the top prospects still left in the free-agent market. Teams will most likely have to give up a good share of money to get him and that’s why he still out there right now.

Scooter Genett second baseman. kinda disappeared in 2019 with injuries and other things. Someone will take a risk on him and he’ll most likely come in with a much lower salary giving some options to several teams.

Collin McHugh, the right-handed pitcher is also a player that may be in shape to fill a roster spot. The New York Yankees come to mind. He’s had some great runs but it’s always an injury that drives these players a little bit short.

Another player is Addison Russell. He had a struggling bat in 2019, otherwise, he would have been picked up by many different teams. The shortstop will most likely end up on teams like the Orioles or Tigers.

Matt Harvey, the right-handed pitcher is also a player that may fill a roster spot. The 30-year-old is ready to join. However, his contract is pretty significant and teams might want to avoid him early on in the free-agent spring season.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of players out there to fill roster spots for the contending teams. A lot of different teams will look to their youth to build up the franchise and teams will try to avoid high price tag free agents that are prone to injury. This has been the norm over the last few years and this will be the chance for new players and young players to really step up and find their way to becoming a great baseball player.